Business Simulation

Business simulation and gamification: process accelerators for development and change in the company

Business Simulation Training

Consulting with People at the heart.

Since 1977

We believe Business Simulation is an extremely effective tool to support learning and change processes within any company. Gaming and business simulation methodologies act as powerful and effective learning accelerators for individuals, groups and organizations.

In Business Simulations, new information and new stimuli are gradually introduced to participants, recreating the business environment and conditions – in which people make decisions, work in groups and manage resources – and thus experiencing their effects on business results. In a protected, challenging and fun environment.

We help people, at all company levels, to develop a common 360° business vision: when individuals understand how different elements affect the entire business dynamics, they are able to manage daily decisions more effectively and to transfer the acquired knowledge in their real business life.


MCS’ partnership with CELEMI - a Swedish company leader in Business Simulation with over 40 years’ experience in this field - allows us to offer our clients appropriate solutions for different levels of managerial seniority and for diverse organizational issues