Change Management

Change Management: a continuous process

Passaggio Generazionale in Azienda

Consulting with People at the heart.

Since 1977

We are convinced that change has to be considered and managed as a continuous state, an uninterrupted and constant process, and not as a given moment in the life of an organization, that just requires contingent responses.

We promote change processes by managing them as a continuous flow and taking good care of the interpretations, resistances and experiences of the companies and their people.


We support our clients in the delicate phases of generational transition (from G1 to G2 or G3) through a careful and structured methodology of internal and external analysis, and through the identification of the organizational and cultural challenges which are typical of such a change.

We offer, through our network of senior consultants, fractional management services: the fractional manager is a senior manager who works part-time (for instance, one or two days a week) on different clients at the same time. For small-mid size companies, the added value is to bring in, at affordable costs, high level competencies that guarantee an "external and experienced" impact on strategic decisions. This, combined with the managerial capability in the day-by-day activities brings the fractional manager much closer to managerial roles than to consultancy ones.

Analisi Clima Aziendale


In light of the constant changes, both internal and external to the company, we believe that understanding the level of people engagement - and people satisfaction - is crucial to better manage any modern organization.

At the same time, understanding how much people are "actively involved" without fully grasping the dimensions that can impact the level of engagement can be of limited value.

The model we use in our engagement surveys measures the macro-dimensions that impact the level of people engagement within the company and it identifies the corrective actions that can be implemented to improve the comittment and engagement of personnel.