Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring - coaching and mentoring: personalized learning and development processes

Mentoring Individuale e di Gruppo

Consulting with People at the heart.

Since 1977

We offer coaching, shadow-coaching and mentoring programs aimed at individual development for managers and high potential personnel.


Based on clear evidences from international studies and our own experience, we are deeply convinced that, in a context of a confidential and trust-based coaching relationship, and through the analysis of own attitudes, behaviors and belief systems, individuals are able to build a bridge between their current situation and the desired one.

Basically, Coaching is a process of accompaniment and personalized individual development, so that people can better manage their work and grow individually and professionally.

Coaching is based on a relationship of trust between the Coach and the Coachee and on a low level of influence of the Coach on the Coachee, who is believed to be able to manage their own professional and development dynamics.


We create mentoring programs and structured mentoring processes - including reverse-mentoring - for our clients.

If the focus of coaching is essentially on the learning process, the focus of mentoring is more on the transfer of competencies and experiences from those who "have more" to those who "have less" – from senior people to less senior ones, in relation to a specific area of expertise or to a broader capability.

In reverse-mentoring programs, young but highly skilled individuals can act as mentors to senior people, for example in areas of expertise such as digitalization, new technologies or social media.