Managerial Consulting Firm - Talent Acquisition, Human Capital, Talent Development

Talent Acquisition, Human Capital, Talent Development

Società di Consulenza Organizzativa

Human Resources Consultants,
always Partners in our Clients’ success.

Since 1977

Our managerial and organizational consulting firm was founded in 1977, and we carry the value of our founders’ experience – we have the capability not only to visualise change, but also to make it real.

We offer tailored consultancy solutions for our clients in Human Resources and Organizational fields.

Over time our experience has become wider and richer: in addition to our original expertise in Head Hunting, we also specialised in “Human Capital” and “Talent Development”. Our mission is to always give our clients a 360° consultancy service based on competencies, high-quality and in-depth support, partnering them in their growth.

We have evolved and grown and we are now capable to offer all the main Human Resources services in three areas: “Talent Acquisition”, “Human Capital” and “Talent Development”. We operate through a network of qualified partners and senior consultants in Italy and over 30 countries worldwide.