Our expertise: the real added value for our customers

Our Group’s distinctive professional competencies enable us to provide added value to our customers. Our competencies are built on many years of business experience in strategic roles across diverse industries.

Alessandro Evangelisti


Following his degree in Political Sciences and PhD in Work and Organizational Psychology, he started his career as lecturer at the University of Bologna and as a business HR consultant.

In 1996, he decided on a career change, joining a multi-national company – Volvo Car Corporation – where he was initially Director of Human Resources at a local level (Italy), then regionally (Southern Europe), and at last globally (worldwide), managing Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Employer Branding and Public Funding departments. 

Alessandro returned to Italy in 2015, joining MCS to lead the Human Capital and Talent Development area, managing projects and internal and external consultants. 

Through his international experience of complex business environments he has developed both key managerial and operational competencies. 

His main areas of interest are HR strategies, managerial and organizational development, methodologies and tools for assessing competencies, potential and performances. 

Alessandro is a certified Hogan and Matrigma assessor, a facilitator of Celemi’s business simulations and a business coach.


Gianluca obtained a Degree in Business and Economics while working at a management consultancy in a business administrative role.

All his subsequent professional experiences have a common element: being focussed on entrepreneurship and innovation. In 1996, Gianluca launched an online platform for buying new motor vehicles, an early version and precursor of the modern car configurator systems. 

In 1999, Gianluca decided to develop his business skills, working as an account manager for Experian. 

The following year, he joined MCS and up to 2005 he held several roles, with increasing responsibilities, in Milan and Rome. That year he became Senior Consultant in charge of the Milan branch. In 2006, Gianluca became an MCS partner and a director. He took responsibility for MCS’ business development, in particular with the scope of expanding its range of services. Gianluca now leads the Group, and, alongside with the business development, he is being focussed on the business management of the Group’s consultancy projects, specializing in medium-sized businesses in Italy and public administration.

Gianluca Gioia
Antonio Ronza


Antonio has a law degree from the Federico II University in Naples. He has developed his professional career in Human Resources Management, for over thirty years as Director of Human Resources and Organization in large companies across different business sectors (including telecommunications, real estate and public administration).

In addition to that, Antonio has significant experience of business management, information and quality systems, and he is an expert in industrial relations and employment law.

Antonio has managed major business restructuring and reorganization projects, supervising company negotiation and organizational implementation, including defining employee roles, skills requirements and HR processes. He also has expertise in HR development and evaluation as well as in Comp & Ben.