Assessment and Evaluation

Individual Assessments, Assessment Center, Development Center, 360° Assessment

Valutazione Potenziale Risorse Umane

Consulting with People at the heart.

Since 1977

We accompany our clients in the review and alignment of Human Capital processes. We evaluate the competencies and potential of their Human Resources, in close coeherence with their strategies and organizational culture.


To support business decisions in the diverse phases of selection, career planning and development, methodologies and tools for assessing potential, performance and competencies are an important area of organizational action.

We provide our Clients with different methodologies, tools and techniques to allow them to invest in Human Resources in a way which is scientifically valid and statistically predictive of the future working success.

Valutazione Competenze Personale

Our experience in this field allows us, using the best tools and methodologies at an international level, to carry out Individual Assessment, Assessment Center (group), Development Center, 360° assessments, competencies’ assessment. We are Certified Assessors for Hogan Assessment Systems and Matrigma.

But first of all, we build, with the client company and our team of assessors working together, an appropriate and personalized assessment plan based on the needs, the organizational culture and the strategies of the company. We do so in full compliance with the ethical, professional and confidentiality requirements needed by these activities.

We can carry out and tailor our assessments to different organizational targets: Senior Management, Middle Management, Key Position Holder / High Potential and Graduates.