Global Connections: Being Partner of Talentor International

Talentor International

In the competitive global landscape of Executive Search finding future leaders requires a strategic approach and ongoing commitment. Since 2021, MCS has been a partner of Talentor International, an international network specializing in Executive Search and Consulting Services. Being part of an international network offers a range of mutual benefits and the opportunity to share experiences, expertise, working methodologies, and the same quality standards. But specifically, what does it mean to be a Partner of Talentor International?
Let's discuss this with Gianluca Gioia, Managing Partner of MCS.

  1. Local presence and global coverage
  2. An international bouquet of talents
  3. Shared best practice
  4. Mutual added values

Global Coverage with Local Presence

Being part of a global network first and foremost offers a unique balance between global coverage and local presence. All our partners are immersed in local realities and understand the specific challenges of their respective markets. This allows us to facilitate the hiring and development of cohesive and functional teams while respecting the cultural, legal, and linguistic peculiarities of each partner country. Being familiar with local legislation not only reduces legal risks but also demonstrates a commitment to corporate ethics and integrity.
At the same time, the global network ensures a comprehensive coverage on an international scale and continuous mutual support. Gianluca Gioia explains the added value of being part of a global network::

"It's great to know that we can always rely on someone in each of the over 40 countries where Talentor operates worldwide”.

Access to a Global Talent Pool

The second advantage is undoubtedly the expansion of the search beyond national borders, providing immediate access to a vast pool of talent globally. The availability of a diverse range of qualified professionals is crucial and significantly expands the pool of talents meeting the specific needs of our clients. Gianluca Gioia explains:

"Thanks to this partnership, we can offer local expertise for research projects in over 40 countries across six continents. We are a new generation of experienced and qualified consultants in executive search, working with shared values and methodologies”.

Sharing Best Practice

Learning from the best practice of other industry professionals is the best way to refine one's own working methodology and optimize results.

Collaboration among partners and the sharing of knowledge and experiences within a global group lead to more comprehensive and competitive solutions, significantly improving operational efficiency and enabling the adoption of new approaches and innovative tools.

"We are part of a community of people with common values”.

Gianluca Gioia continues:

"We share our experiences and learn from each other, jointly developing new business. Moreover, interaction in common projects offers the opportunity to grow our resources through participation in multi-country working groups and international meetings”.

Added Values and Visibility

Being part of a global network benefits both the network and its constituent partners. Talentor International is now a respected global network, listed by Hunt Scanion Hunt Scanlon among the Global40 providers of Executive Search. With over 500 consultants in 40 countries and agreements with numerous other personnel search agencies worldwide, it works to stay ahead of the changing market needs. The Italian Managing Partner, Gianluca Gioia, states in this regard:

Cultural interaction is the greatest stimulus received; by constantly observing international trends, we continuously renew our processes, enhancing the impact of Talentor International in the market:"

For partner countries, the benefits are numerous.

The visibility and international reputation of the MCS brand have grown enormously, even towards our local clients, who now perceive us as true strategic partners”.

In an increasingly interconnected and competitive world, the importance of an international network like Talentor International in the Executive Search sector is evident. Through consolidated local presence and global coverage, the reciprocal added values of the partnership translate into the ability to identify, develop, and support future leaders efficiently and effectively. Access to a vast talent pool and the sharing of best practices allow partner companies to enhance their reputation while offering an international perspective and excellent strategic support to client companies. In return, the synergy and collaboration of partners ensure an ever-greater impact of the global network, consolidating its role as a leader in the global Executive Consulting landscape.