Executive Head Hunter: Searching for Corporate Leaders

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In the field of Human Resources, there are professionals capable of deciding the fate of top positions within companies. We are talking about Executive Head Hunters, talent scouts who work to ensure organizations have the best available managers and executives. MCS has an extensive network of Executive Head Hunters, especially Head Hunter Milano and Roma) who act only when they see a win-win opportunity, a situation where both the company and the potential candidate can benefit.


  1. Searching for middle and top managers
  2. The method of Head Hunting
  3. Trends for Head Hunters
  4. Passive candidates
  5. Talent mapping

Scope: Middle and Top Management

Before delving into the world of Executive Search, it is crucial to understand the nuances that distinguish the figures on which the Executive Head Hunter focuses attentionWe are talking about middle and top management (composed of executives and managers in Italy). The middle management plays a key role in mediating between the strategic vision of top managers and operational activities, requiring strong relational and leadership skills..
The Executives are professionals with advanced technical skills and good team management abilities, allowing them to oversee activities. The search for executives is dynamic, as companies seek individuals capable of engaging with executives, managing managerial responsibilities, and administering teams and budgets.
At the top of the pyramid are executives, responsible for defining and pursuing company goals. These individuals must possess managerial, strategic, relational, and technical skills, facing high levels of responsibility and pressure. Long-term vision is an essential characteristic.

The method of Head Hunting for Executives and Managers

Executive Head Hunters come into play when the search is strategic, impactful for the company, and often confidentialTheir selection approach follows a structured path:

  1. Analysis of the context and definition of the strategyThe Head Hunter understands the client's real needs, going beyond hard skills and pinpointing specific requirements.
  2. Candidate Sourcing: Using innovative search tools, including advanced systems harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), potential candidates in the market are identified by exploring target companies defined during the analysis phase.
  3. Candidate Screening: Through preliminary interviews, the best candidates are selected, evaluating their fit with the company's needs, interest, and motivation for the proposed position.
  4. Company Evaluation: Candidates deemed in line with the search criteria are presented and accompanied to the client company. Once the right resource is identified, the Head Hunter may handle the contractual mediation.

Executive Search Trends

According to a study published in early 2023 by Statista, the global Executive Search market is valued at approximately 27 billion euros. The supply surpasses demand, meaning there are more open positions than available candidates. This results in candidates leading the market, aware of their bargaining power that they do not hesitate to exercise. In this scenario, the Executive Head Hunter conducts meticulous selection of candidates who best fit the sought-after position. The trend is also include in the search talents already present within the company, capable of climbing the organization's hierarchy supported by suitable paths of growth and training.

Those who are not actively seeking a new job and have not yet considered changing or improving their job position are profiles that, for Executive Head Hunters, best realize the win-win situation for the company and the candidate. È infatti solo quando viene loro presentata un’opportunità che combacia perfettamente tanto con le loro competenze e qualità, quanto con i valori di cui sono fieri rappresentanti, che iniziano a considerare seriamente la possibilità di un cambiamento professionale. For the headhunters these candidates are the most appealing, and engaging them means providing the company not only with their skills but also their genuine adherence to mission and vision.

Talent Mapping

The company may encounter a profile new to its organization, with no specific previous experience. In this case, the Executive Head Hunter's job is to offer the company a true picture of the existing market. This is done by mapping and surveying similar figures within the market segment agreed upon with the client (often among competitors). This mapping is, in fact, a genuine intelligence service and provides the company with all the necessary elements to make the correct decision and tailor the selection to its specific needs.

Executive Head Hunters play a crucial role in shaping the future of companies, meeting the challenge of finding executives and managers in a continuously evolving market. Their ability to understand company needs, identify talents, and facilitate the meeting between companies and candidates makes them essential figures in the Human Resources landscape.